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I am in ❤️ with my whitening kit


How It Works

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First step

Creating my own impressions for a whitening kit from @joinclearclub was so much fun.

It is a little bit like a science project. I kept putting it off because I was a little bit intimidated.

However, I was wrong. It could not have been easier!!!

I am so excited that I will get a custom whitening tray at a fraction of the cost that my dentist charges.

I can choose the strength and frequency of my whitening gel. And you my friends get 20% off if you use my link below.

Nothing feels better than a big smile full of beautiful pearly whites 🦷 🦷.

Next step

I am in ❤️ with my whitening kit from @joinclearclub.

Making my impressions was a lot of fun. My whitening trays fit better than the ones my dentist made for me (not to mention they were a fraction of the cost.).

They are also much more comfortable. I can sleep in them or wear them as long as I want. The cherry on the cake is that I do not have to go to dentists office to get a refill on my whitening gel.

My gel be simply shipped to my house.

You can try them at 20% off using my code FRIEND-VV76GDV.

Thank You ClearClub ❤️ @joinclearclub